There are many footpaths and mountain bike trails that allow guests to wander around the beautiful places that surround the B & BMaso Cervo and discover not only nature, but also the culture and traditions of the Primiero Valley. On this page we wanted to show you the most interesting, while on the site of the Tourist Office you can find a complete list of all possible activities in the area.


Without moving the car in the nearby of B & B Maso Cervo, you should try the mountain bike ride to the village Dismoni and from there up to Calaita’s Lake, possibly even coming up to San Martino di Castrozza entirely along forest roads. The peace and quiet that you will find the magnificent woods through these places will give you an unforgettable experience!

A few kilometers away, however, it is possible to reach the plateau of the Pale di San Martino via Lifts Colverde - Rosetta and reaching 2700mt altitude. At the arrival of the cable car, there are an infinite number of paths of all the difficulties that goes on the magnificent plateau of the Pale di San Martino Group up to the glacier and the valley of Fradusta, passing through the Pradidali and Rosetta Huts. More infrmations about itineraries are available on Lifts Colverde Rosetta’s website or on the website of the Rosetta’s Hut.

Finally, it is definitely worth a visit to Passo Rolle along the easy and fascinating “Trekking del Cristo Pensante”, from which you can admire one of the most majestic landscapes in the Dolomites. More information can be found on the official website of the trekking.


Nordic walking is a sport open to people of all ages, providing benefits to the muscles and joints. The basic technique incorporates the movements of cross-country tracks. In the valley there are two schools to learn this fun and easy discipline, allowing you to stay in close contact with nature! More information can be found at the following link on the website of the Primiero, San Martino di C. & Vanoi Tourist Office.


Getting in touch with the culture of the Valley, it is defintely worth a visit to the village of Mezzano, recently included in the Association "Most beautiful villages in Italy," club that includes less than two hundred Italian small villages. This small village consists in a very old town with narrow streets formed by measurement of agricultural vehicles (which once served to connect the mountain, and other towns of the Valley) and old houses, stables, barns and warehouses that are currently still stable residences. More informations can be found at the following link on the website of the Primiero, San Martino di C. & Vanoi Tourist Office.

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